Sous Vide Water baths

La-Vide waters baths
La-Vide waters baths

LaVide Sous Vide Water Baths

The LaVide water bath range is set to lead the standards in sous vide cooking. Designed in Germany and after many years of development, we believe we have created the ultimate sous vide water bath range currently available. The LaVide range incorporates all the latest cutting edge technology along with some unique features only found on LaVide water baths.

So confident are we in our products that we offer a 5 YEAR warranty unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.

Accurate temperature control with maximum working space – the best of both worlds : These LaVide water baths are designed so that the heater and temperature sensor are positioned under the inner tank. Accuracy and consistency of temperature control is assured by a digital control system, while effective liquid mixing is provided by convection. Finally, a removable lid minimises evaporation of water and helps maintain bath temperature.

Clean simple lines – easy to clean BRUSHED STAINLESS surface : The simple contemporary design of LaVide water baths blends readily into any kitchen, combining clean lines with an economical footprint and optimum unobstructed working volume.

Quick and simple to operate – more time for you to spend on the things that really matter : These LaVide water baths are quick and easy to set up. Simply select the desired temperature by pressing the buttons on the 'positive feel' membrane control pad. A large illuminated digital display – readily visible from across the kitchen – gives you instant confirmation of the set temperature at all times.

Comprehensive range of models – choose the one that is just right for you :  LaVide water baths come in four convenient sizes – 8, 14 and 28 litres plus a TWIN 8ltr model – enabling you to choose the one that is just right for you, whether it's simply for cooking small packs of sauces or larger cuts of meat.

We also have a stirred heater model that can be attached to any stock pot up to 50 ltr capacity!!

Safe in operation – looking after you and your workplace : Should you or a colleague accidentally allow the water level to drop to low, a warning symbol will appear (FILL) on the display, prompting you to top up the water bath.

If not attended to then a safety cut-out will engage, ensuring that you and your workplace remain safe and that the bath remains undamaged. After re-setting the cut-out and filling the bath with sufficient water you can continue safely with your work. A safety CUT OUT feature also comes into operation if the water bath is unplugged from the mains supply. This prevents the water bath being accidentally switched on after being drained or cleaned and left empty.

Legendary reliability – designed in Germany  : LaVide, a sister company of LaVa - the renowned vacuum packing machine company, have developed, in our opinion, the ultimate water bath range. They sit at the cutting edge of technology and design. All models are backed by a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Delivery Normally within 3 working days.

New Products For January

LV.560 Sous Vide Water Bath
LV.560 Sous Vide Water Bath
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1,349.00€ 20% VAT incl.
LV.280 Sous Vide Water Bath
LV.280 Sous Vide Water Bath
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1,099.00€ 20% VAT incl.
LV.80 Sous Vide Water Bath
LV.80 Sous Vide Water Bath
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710.00€ 20% VAT incl.
LV.50 Stirred Heater
LV.50 Stirred Heater
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810.00€ 20% VAT incl.
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