V300 Premium "Black Edition" - Vacuum Packing Machine

20% VAT incl.

NEW in the Vacuum-Sealer "Black-Edition"

  • Patented 2-steps filter-system, protects the pump 100 % from small parts, powder or metal grains
  • Stainless-Steel cylinder cover, for a long lasting vacuum-power, the whole time
  • Stronger pump with a maximum negative pressure of -0,96 bar (-960 mbar)
  • Power Pmax: 600 W

The V300 Premium "Black-Edition" has both manual and automatic functions and makes light work of vacuum packing large quantities of produce. It also has a pressure gauge and a variable pressure control, which makes it possible to pack softer food items quickly and efficiently. It has a double sealing bar, the 'Lava Turbo Pump' which removes 35 litres of air per minute to a pressure of -0.9 bar, plus the unique 'Lava Close System' to help you work faster.

The V300 Premium "Black-Edition" will work with both vacuum bags and continuous rolls. It can take sizes up to 30cms (12 inches) wide and will remove the air from a medium sized bag (20cms x 30cms) in about 10 seconds. The V300 Premium has a pressure gauge which accurately shows the vacuum pressure. It is also supplied with a variable pressure valve which makes it possible to pack softer food items quickly and easily. The V300 Premium has a fully automatic mode as well as a manual mode.

The V300 Premium can also be used to vacuum acrylic containers, using the vacuum pump attachment which is supplied with the machine. These are perfect for keeping salads, soft fruit and chopped vegtables in top condition for up to five times longer than they would normally keep. The acrylic containers we supply are made in Germany and can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

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Number of pumps:1
Suction Power:35 ltr/min
Max Vacuum Power:-0,96 bar
Pressure Guage:Dial Guage
Sealing Capacity:Up to 1000 bags without overheating
Sealing Band width:340 mm
Sealing type:Double
Sealing method:Automatic and Manual
Fluid extraction facility:Yes
Construction:Toughened ABS Plastic
Voltage:230 V
Max power:600 W
Dimensions:410 x 210 x 98 mm
Weight:4.9 kg

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